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Child Safety at YPS
As part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to implementing the recommendations of the 2014 ‘Betrayal of Trust’ report, there are new regulations in place aimed at enhancing child safety, underpinned by new Child Safe Standards.

The Child Safe Standards are compulsory minimum standards for all Victorian schools, to ensure they are well prepared to protect children from abuse and neglect. These are detailed in the Ministerial Order number 870, which came into effect on 1st August.

Our school has a range of policies in place that sees us well on the way to meeting these standards. We are currently reviewing all policies to ensure we are fully compliant with the standards within the school year.

Child Safe Policy 2018
YPS Code of Conduct 2018
YPS Child Safe Standard 1 Good Leadership Governance 2018
YPS Child Safe Standard 2 Statement of Commitment 2018
YPS Child Safe Standard 4 Human Resources Practices 2018
YPS Child Safe Standard 6 Risk Assessment Template 2018
YPS Child Safe Standard 7 Strategies Empowerment of Children 2018

A-Z Policies Reports
Anaphalaxis Management Policy 2018
Asthma Management Policy 2018
Attendance Policy 2018
Behaviour Management Policy 2018
Bullying Prevention Policy 2019
Camps and Excursions Policy 2018
Child Safe Policy 2019
Digital Technologies Acceptable Use Policy 2018
Early Release and Lateness Policy 2018
First Aid Policy 2018
Fundraising Policy 2018
Head Lice Policy 2018
Managing Concerns and Complaints Policy 2018
Mandatory Reporting Policy 2019
Parent Payment Policy 2018
Photographing & Filming of Students Policy 2018
Privacy Policy 2019
SunSmart Policy 2018
Student Enrolment Policy 2018
Transition (Year K-F) Policy 2018
Transition (Year 6-7) Policy 2018
Working with Children Policy 2018
Yarra PS 2019 Annual Implementation Plan
Yarra PS 2018 Annual Report