Sustainability & Kitchen Garden

At Yarra Primary School, students participate in class sessions in our vegetable garden as well as cooking and preparing foods in our school kitchen.  The garden provides an authentic learning environment to challenge the students on topics such as sustainability, food production and the environment all while actively participating in gardening duties.  The food harvested from the garden is then used to cook and prepare foods to share with the class.  The kitchen is a vibrant and engaging learning space where students develop a love of preparing and eating healthy foods, and to learn about a wide variety of foods, nutrition and foster healthy eating habits.

Yarra Primary school has been working towards becoming a sustainable school through introducing recycling bins, composting and nude food. Recycling bins are spread throughout the school. Students are encouraged to collect any paper, cardboard and art cuttings and place them in the recycling bins. Coinciding with our educational program, Kitchen Garden, each class is given a compost bin and received learning on the importance of composting and what goes in it. Nude food has been introduced to encourage students to make conscious healthy choices for their lunches and make rubbish free choices.